Monkeybread is a full service social media agency. Clients turn to us to leverage our social solutions from community management to analytics and more.

community management

Consumers are local, and you need to be local too. Our community managers deploy carefully crafted local and regional ecosystems that encourage engagement and advocacy. Then we monitor and moderate conversations about your brand on the local level.


Many brands struggle with measuring their social efforts. We provide you full visibility of qualitative and quantitative results that are aligned with your goals and objectives.

brand advocacy

We'll turn your most avid fans into your best brand evangelists by creating deeper, more meaningful relationships on a local level and providing them with a place to spread the word.

content creation

Good content does more than inspire dialogue. Good content extends beyond the virtual space and creates consumer action. Our content development experts will help you extend your social media strategies beyond the virtual landscape.

influencer initiatives

Successful influencer initiatives take more than a vast network of bloggers and social superstars. Of course we have access to those, but we take it a step further. We make sure your projects are paired with the right influencers.