Fractional CMO

Most small, growth and mid-sized companies can not afford the luxury of a full time Chief Marketing Officer. A Fractional CMO offers senior guidance and an experienced marketing approach to SMBs on a part-time basis for a fraction of the cost.

Typically, many SMBs hire Marketing Coordinators or Managers. In some cases, marketing duties may be delegated to an administrative assistant mainly due to cost concerns. These employees are expected to deliver strategic guidance, but in reality, not all professionals are capable of being “big picture” thinkers, especially during the early stages of their careers. They may be brilliant tacticians but tactics need to follow sound strategy. In these cases, a Fractional CMO provides leadership and guidance to ensure that their efforts are being optimized.

We tailor our Fractional CMO services to meet the unique needs of each client. A Fractional CMO might be just what you need to get your marketing on track and to deliver the results you need to grow your business. We’d be honored to give you the jump start you may need. Contact us for a free consultation.