Program Objectives:

• Expand Chevrolet mindshare within specific demographic segments
• Strengthen nationwide grassroots-level conversation about “the new Chevrolet”
• Leverage new media channels/platforms to support brand messaging
• Drive sales

Monkeybread’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy—including content development/publishing, cross-platform integration, moderated conversations, and contest management drove significant increases in engagement on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube for 30 LMAs nationwide. In addition, the Monkeybread team simultaneously developed and executed related promotional concepts and activated national Chevrolet initiatives that created brand appeal, as well.

More than . . .
• 200,000 hi-value Facebook fans
• 160,000 Facebook users engaged weekly
• 20,000 followers on Twitter

“In 2008, we recognized that social marketing could be used effectively for local dealer groups. We’re excited that we’re seeing LMA social adoption accelerate each year. For the past four years, we’ve been working with Jeanie and her team to evolve and scale a local social solution that is brand compliant, affordable, and successfully increases brand perception and purchase intent.”
Amy Fulford
Vice President/Director
Social Marketing, Agency 720