From a national brand perspective, local social needs to support national campaigns while at the same time create and cultivate authentic local conversations and connections.  This requires that a social agency be adept at simultaneously managing the local objectives of the client, collaborating with multiple agency partners and providing relevant local content for the social communities. Jeanie and her team were able to find this balance for Chevrolet.

Mark Harland
Manager Connected Customer
General Motors

In 2008, we recognized that social marketing could be used effectively for local dealer groups. We’re excited that we’re seeing LMA social adoption accelerate each year.  For the past four years we’ve been working with Jeanie and her team to evolve and scale a local social solution that is brand compliant, affordable, and successfully increases brand perception and purchase intent.

Amy Fulford
Agency 720

I hired Jeanie and the team at Monkeybread to support our Social Media efforts at Back Yard Burgers. I feel great about the support she has provided our organization.  Jeanie and the Monkeybread team are made up of an experienced group of individuals that understands that social media must be a reflection of the brand strategy and deliver against the promise of the brand. Jeanie has tons of big brand experience and really understands what resonates with consumers. She also has a keen understanding of the metrics that turn into tangible business results. I have enjoyed working with Jeanie and would hire her again without hesitation.

Monte Jump
Back Yard Burgers

Jeanie and I worked together to develop clever and imaginative national campaigns that were meaningful to our customers and supported our key merchandising initiatives. Jeanie and her team managed multiple corporate partnerships that allowed us to activate our national campaigns through locally relevant events and promotions that truly resonated with our customers. The senior management team and I were consistently impressed by Jeanie’s ability to mobilize national promotions into regionalized events that were both brand-building and sales-driving.

Alex Viteri
Director Sales Promotion

When my company first began working with Jeanie and her team we were social media neophytes. Thanks to her we can now identify clear and quantifiable business results tied to our social media strategy and online efforts. Jeanie and the Monkeybread team helped us understand for the first time the power of social media, and more importantly helped us execute in that arena to achieve our business objectives.

Jeff Whittle